4 Bay AA/AAA Fast Battery Charger with 4 x AAA 1000 Series Rechargeable Batteries

  • Fully charge your AA & AAA batteries in just 2-6 hours
  • Use the LCD screen to monitor the charging status of each battery
  • Charge at home, in the car or on go using any compatible USB port
  • 100% safety conscious charging with advance built in safety features including primary battery detection, over-charge and safety timer protection
  • Charge and monitor 1, 2, 3 or 4 batteries independently, with 4 separate charging channels


Fast USB Smart Charger

Double up on your charging capacity with the 100%PeakPower PPU412 USB LCD charger. Now, you can simultaneously charge one -to four AA or AAA Nickel Metal-Hydride rechargeable batteries. The smart LCD screen displays their progress, notifies you of damaged batteries and shows when charging is complete –so you are 100% confident on your next adventure. The handy micro USB port means you can charge your batteries anywhere in the world, and you’ll be good to go after two to six hours. What’s more, reverse polarity, bad cell warning, auto cut-off, safety timer and short circuit protection will keep you and your batteries safe.

Powerful Charging You Can See


More Information
Charging Ports 4
Charger Battery Type AA/AAA
Charge Speed AA 4-6 hours
Charge Speed AAA 2-3 hours