4 Bay AA/AAA USB Charger with 4 AA 2300 NiMH Batteries

  • Charge AAA & AA At The Same Time
  • Compact Design Perfect For Home and Travel
  • Charge Using Any USB Socket
  • Quick Check Charge Status with LED Indicators


LCD Charger PPU411 AA + AAA

Whether it is your torch, game controller or alarm clock that needs new batteries, you can always have charged batteries on hand with the PPU811 charger from 100%PeakPower. It has a Safety Timer Protection feature, which prevents your batteries from overcharging. Because of this, you have the certainty of perfectly charged batteries, always. The 100%PeakPower chargers are super lightweight and easy to take with you everywhere. 100%PeakPower strives to keeping your batteries at 100% of their optimum level. Go and explore without worrying about power!

100% safe and reliable power with LCD interface

When you use a lot of batteries and you need them to charge at the same time, this charger might be the one for you. On a road trip and losing power in your camping lights? Or are you on a holiday and do you need to recharge the batteries in your camera? With the PPU411 charger from 100%PeakPower you can charge your batteries on the go with the worldwide standard charging platform USB connection. With the LCD display you can see exactly how much charge is left in your batteries.


More Information
Charging Ports 4
Charger Battery Type AA/AAA
Charge Speed AA 8 hours
Charge Speed AAA 8 hours