9V Rechargeable 230 Series 100%PeakPower NiMH Batteries - Pack of 2

216, 6F22, 9V, 522, MN1604, PP3
  • Last Longer Than Alkaline Batteries
  • Guaranteed For 3 Years and Over 100 Charges
  • Cost Saving & Environmentally Friendly
  • Stays Charged When Not in Use

Pack Sizes Available


Rechargeable 9V pack-size 2

The 9V batteries of 100%PeakPower last much longer than regular alkaline batteries and stay charged when not in use. All in all, a better choice for your wallet and the environment! That is why we say 100%Peakpower, 100% Smarter!

The best choice for rechargeable 9V batteries

Do the batteries inside your smoke detectors drain too quickly? Do you not want to jeopardize the safety of you and your family in the time it takes to buy new batteries? With the rechargeable 9V batteries from 100%PeakPower you will never have to worry about running to the shops for new batteries. With these batteries you will always have a charged battery on hand when the time comes to replace the old ones. Our high quality 9V batteries come in a pack of 2. This means you will have enough of them on hand for all your devices and appliances, such as your smoke or motion detector or your radio or audio equipment. Our 100%PeakPower rechargeable batteries also come in AAA, AA, C and D sizes.


More Information
Pack Size 2
Battery Capacity 200mAh