AA Rechargeable 2600 Series 100%PeakPower NiMH Batteries - Pack of 24

AA, E91, HR6, LR6
  • Last Longer Than Alkaline Batteries
  • Guaranteed For 3 Years and Over 100 Charges
  • Cost Saving & Environmentally Friendly
  • Stays Charged When Not in Use

Pack Sizes Available


Rechargeable AA NiMH 2600 Series pack-size 24

When you use batteries in any of your appliances or devices, you should consider using rechargeable batteries. 100%PeakPower offers the Rechargeable AA NiMH 2600 Series. This option is environmentally-friendly and is available in packs of 24 batteries. The perfect solution for all your household appliances and devices. This way, you will never have to buy regular batteries again and you always have fully charged batteries on hand. Our batteries can be recharged hundreds of times and they will not lose any charge when not in use. On top of that, they also last longer than regular alkaline batteries. In short, our batteries offer only advantages.

Take charge of your devices and recharge

Our rechargeable batteries are also available in AAA, C, D and 9V sizes. Replace all your regular batteries quickly with our environmentally-friendly, rechargeable batteries. This way, we will all help out in easy ways. Start recharging your batteries instead of disposing them. 100%PeakPower, 100% smarter!


More Information
Voltage 1.2
Pack Size 24
Battery Capacity 2300mAh