AAA LR3 Batteries - Pack of 100

AAA, E91, LR03
  • Long-Lasting Power
  • Available in AA/AAA/C/D/9V
  • Shelf-Life Up To 5 Years
  • Perfect For High and Mid-Drain Applications

Pack Sizes Available


Alkaline AAA pack-size 100

Like many people, you might not have stopped to wonder about the importance of batteries before. That is, until the battery in your computer keyboard or alarm clock suddenly stops working because the battery is drained. Even worse when you discover you have no replacement batteries in the house and have to run to the shop. With AAA alkaline batteries from 100%PeakPower, those problems are a thing of the past. After all, we understand the importance of batteries and use cutting-edge technology to offer you the best portable energy source you need. 100%PeakPower’s AAA batteries, model PP24A, offer long-lasting and dependable performance for your everyday needs.

Power your devices with our triple A batteries

Our triple A alkaline batteries can be used to power many of your electrical devices: from clocks and torches to radios, LED lights and toys. Moreover, we offer large packs containing 100 AAA alkaline batteries. So that when your AAA batteries drain eventually, you already have replacements on hand and never run unexpectedly to the shops again.


More Information
Voltage 1.5
Pack Size 100