Which battery to choose?

At 100%PeakPower, a battery comes in many shapes and sizes, as well as types. This is so that we can always offer you the most suitable power source. For your everyday needs, we have a full range of alkaline batteries. This ranges from the small AAA battery to the D battery. These are the batteries that will provide power to your remote, alarm clock, keyboard, torches and toys. If you are looking for a lean and green power source, choose from our range of rechargeable batteries. These are a power source that will keep on giving a 100% performance. Once drained, these batteries can be recharged over a hundred times with our chargers, so you can keep on enjoying their excellent performance. They can even be charged on-the-go, thanks to our USB-chargers, which can charge 8 batteries simultaneously. Besides the alkaline battery for everyday needs, you will also find energy sources like the Lithium button battery, which are often used for applications such as kitchen scales, LED lights and even your car keys. For even more power at economic prices, we have a full range of carbon zinc Super Heavy Duty batteries.

Buy your power online

No matter which battery you need, with 100%PeakPower you always get 100% performance, for a long time. So, do not hesitate and buy your batteries in our web shop right now. We offer our economical and portable power source in various pack sizes, so you will always find all the batteries you need to keep your household running on 100% power.

Every battery you need

The battery is important part of our modern lives. After all, this small but powerful energy source powers many devices, ranging from your smoke detector to your child’s toys. At 100%PeakPower we offer you a wide range of reliable and long-lasting batteries to power all your devices. Find our range below and order your batteries now for a powerful performance.

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