The advantages of the alkaline battery

The alkaline battery is the most commonly used one in households all over the world, which comes as no surprise. After all, this portable source of energy offers many advantages. One such benefit is the long shelf-life, meaning the alkaline holds its charge for a long time even when it is not used. Alkaline batteries from 100%Peakpower also offer great capacity and excellent performance at all times. Their versatility also contributes to their success, as these types of batteries are found in numerous devices ranging from toys to alarm systems.

A battery for every application

There is no such thing as one kind of alkaline battery, as this type of battery is available in a wide range of sizes. This way, numerous devices can enjoy the benefits and excellent performance offered by this family of batteries. The smallest type of alkaline batteries is the little AAA battery, but do not let looks deceive you. Though small, the AAA offers 100%Peakpower performance to alarm clocks, remotes and much more. The biggest cylindrical alkaline battery is the D battery, used for radios, torches and toys. Another member of the alkaline family, the 9V battery, is used to power smoke detectors and alarm systems. In short, these batteries are indispensable to every modern household.

Buy your powerful batteries now

Do you require batteries for your remote, your computer keyboard or your alarm system? In our web shop, you will always find the right kind of alkaline battery to offer your devices 100% long-lasting energy. Our batteries are available in large and small packs, so you will always find the right quantity that fits your needs.

An alkaline battery for all your devices

Choose the right alkaline battery from 100%PeakPower if you need a reliable and portable power source that packs quite the punch. We offer a full range of alkaline batteries, from AA to D, that give a 100% performance to power many of your household devices. Find your AA, AAA, 9V batteries and more below and order now.

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