C batteries - Pack of 8

C, E93, LR14
  • Long-Lasting Power
  • Available in AA/AAA/C/D/9V
  • Shelf-Life Up To 5 Years
  • Perfect For High and Mid-Drain Applications

Pack Sizes Available


Alkaline C pack-size 8

There is probably no greater terror than realising your alarm system did not go off when needed because the battery is drained. Unless, perhaps, having an upset child because their robot toy no longer works or your torch suddenly extinguishing, leaving you stuck in the dark. Luckily, these and other scary situations can be avoided when you choose C alkaline batteries from 100%PeakPower to power your devices. After all, our C size batteries are designed to offer excellent and long-lasting performance regardless of the device.

Long shelf-life for great performance at all times

Like all alkaline batteries, the C or LR14 batteries, offer a longer shelf-life compared to other types of portable power sources for everyday use. That is why we offer a pack containing 8 alkaline C batteries. This way, even if you currently only require one or two batteries, you will be prepared for when you need more. This also means you can quickly put a smile on your child’s face again when their toy has stopped working and no longer must make an unexpected run to the shop.


More Information
Voltage 1.5
Pack Size 8