AAA LR3 Batteries - Pack of 4

AAA, E91, LR03
  • Long-Lasting Power
  • Available in AA/AAA/C/D/9V
  • Shelf-Life Up To 5 Years
  • Perfect For High and Mid-Drain Applications

Pack Sizes Available


Alkaline AAA pack-size 4

These trustworthy batteries, also known as LR03 or Micro batteries, can be used to power numerous applications in your household. Its applications range from use in TV remotes, electrical toothbrushes and kitchen scales to alarm clocks, toys and torches. In short, the 1.5 volt AAA battery in a 4 pack is indispensable in any modern household. 100%PeakPower uses cutting-edge technology to develop the best, long lasting AAA batteries for your everyday needs.

AAA 4 Pack: affordable and adept

100%PeakPower offers the best double A batteries that are reliable and offer long-lasting power for excellent performance. As they are used to power so many different appliances, our alkaline AA batteries are available in packs of 20 pieces. This way, you will never be faced with a remote that will no longer work or an upset child because their favourite toy no longer moves as you have run out of batteries.


More Information
Voltage 1.5
Pack Size 4