Rechargeable AA batteries

Rechargeable AA batteries

Our lean and green rechargeable AA batteries

Rechargeable AA batteries are the best way to keep your devices running. Everything from the remote of the TV to your computer keyboard relies on power from these portable energy sources. By choosing a rechargeable AA battery, you avoid a run to the shops for new batteries every time the old ones have drained. Get your rechargeable AA batteries now from 100%PeakPower and enjoy 100% reliable power in the shape of a small battery that packs a powerful punch.

Why choose rechargeable AA batteries?

Because AA batteries can be found in numerous devices in every household, it’s a great idea to switch from regular to rechargeable batteries. This way, you can just keep using the batteries rather than throw them out whenever they have drained and replace them with new ones. This not only saves you time and money from all those trips to the shops, but also helps the environment by limiting the waste of resources. Rechargeable AA batteries from 100%PeakPower offer you all these benefits for over a hundred recharges.

100% performance, 100% of the times

Like all batteries in our range, rechargeable AA batteries pack a powerful punch. Plus, these batteries supply your devices with power that lasts a long time and which is reliable. These rechargeable AA batteries hold their charge for longer and withstand temperature ranges between -20°C and 50°C. A 100% performance is guaranteed at all times, again and again, which is why you enjoy a three-year guarantee on our rechargeable batteries.

Make the switch to green now Buy your rechargeable AA batteries now from our web shop. Ordering batteries online has never been easier. Selected the desired quantity, choose between a pack of 4, 12 or 24 pieces, and see exactly when your batteries will arrive. As the batteries are pre-charged, you can start using them right away. Did you know that we also offer bundle deals, containing rechargeable AA batteries and a suitable charger? Discover it now!

Go green with rechargeable batteries

For the ultimate power and long-lasting performance, 100%PeakPower offers a wide range of rechargeable batteries. These batteries are the portable power source that just keeps on giving. A rechargeable battery from our range can be charged for over a hundred times and they are available in both small and large packs to best suit your needs. So, do not hesitate and order your green portable power now.

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