Fast battery charger for safe and portable power wherever you are

Every battery charger in our range has certain qualities in common. For one, they are all light and compact, making them easy to handle and to take with you on trips. Additionally, every battery charger from 100%PeakPower is 100% safe thanks to the Safety Timer Protection. This feature prevents your rechargeable batteries from overcharging by automatically stopping the charging process at a specific time. Next to that, every battery charger is equipped with clear LED lights to indicate charger status. When your batteries are once more filled with energy and ready to go, the indicator light will turn green. All these benefits are great for both household and travel use. For your trips, we offer a range of USB chargers, so you can charge your batteries on the go. Our wall plug chargers are available in GS, BS and US plugs so you can enjoy their quick charging wherever you are.

Charge all your batteries at the same time

Most devices use more than one battery at a time, meaning several batteries will be drained simultaneously. To get your remotes, alarm clocks, computer mouse and other devices up and running again as quickly as possible, every battery charger in our range can hold several batteries simultaneously. Next to that, our chargers can all charge different types of batteries at the same time. For instance, the PPU811 will charge 4 AA as well as 4 AAA batteries in one go. This way, you will be 100% ready for anything whenever your devices need reliable power. Discover the advantages for yourself and order your battery charger today.

Take charge with the battery charger

Charge you rechargeable batteries with a battery charger form 100%PeakPower and enjoy reliable and long-lasting power wherever you go. With these light and speedy chargers your devices will be up and running on full power again in no time. Find the wall plug or USB charger that suits your needs and discover our bundle deals that combine a fast charger with long-lasting rechargeable batteries. Order yours online now.

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